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15-Point Pre-Move Planning Checklist for a Smooth Move

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Moving out to a new house can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Here are 15 to-do tasks to help make the process go more smoothly:

  1. Set a moving date: Determine when you will be moving out and schedule the moving company or rental truck accordingly.
  2. Declutter: Sort through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer need or want. Consider donating, selling, or recycling items.
  3. Create a moving checklist: Make a list of everything that needs to be done before and after the move, including packing, cleaning, and setting up utilities.
  4. Start packing: Begin packing up your belongings, starting with items you won’t need in the weeks leading up to the move.
  5. Label boxes: Clearly label each box with its contents and which room it belongs in.
  6. Hire a cleaning service: Schedule a professional cleaning service to clean your old home after you move out.
  7. Set up utilities: Contact your utility companies to transfer or set up service for your new home, including electricity, gas, water, and internet.
  8. Change your address: Update your address with the post office, banks, credit card companies, and other important organizations.
  9. Notify friends and family: Let your friends and family know about your new address and moving date.
  10. Arrange for childcare and pet care: If you have children or pets, arrange for care on moving day.
  11. Reserve parking: If you live in an apartment building or busy area, reserve parking for the moving truck.
  12. Pack a moving day kit: Prepare a kit with essentials such as snacks, water, and toiletries that you’ll need on moving day.
  13. Take inventory: Create a list of all your belongings and check them off as they are packed and moved.
  14. Check your new home: Do a walkthrough of your new home to ensure it’s clean and ready for move-in.
  15. Unpack and settle in: Finally, unpack your belongings and begin to settle into your new home. Take your time and enjoy the process!

By following these 15 to-do tasks, you can help ensure a smooth and stress-free move to your new home.

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